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i wish public bathrooms had litterboxes for catkins :D

imagine going into a public bathroom and seeing someone in the corner shitting in a cat litter tray

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you & me times infinity <3

you can buy this as a sticker/iphone case or whatever here !! 

please do not repost anywhere or delete my caption thank u <3

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damnit grandpa it’s 2021, they’re not spiders anymore, they’re arachnid americans and more importantly my friends

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tiger mask!!!

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Anonymous: ??? do you not think mermaids are real?? like im not talking the little mermaid shit but like scaly motherfuckers with sharp teeth and claws and ratty hair those fuckin exist.. like seriously do u think we even are close to knowing all the shit in the ocean? nah man scary motherfuckin mermaids and scary motherfuckin inside-out fish and shit that's all real

yeah theres a chance, in all the infinite universes yes, but these people based it on a “documentary” by the discovery channel, which was a hoax, and the refuse to admit it.

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It would be nice if prankers who go around harassing black people in the ‘hood’ were given the same treatment as Sam Pepper.

exactly. I’ve yet to see a high profile YouTuber call any of these “pranksters” out, or any of the “comedians” who see no problem doing blackface in their videos and saying disgusting things about black women and their bodies. What you’re silent on says more than what you speak up for. 

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